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God fearing!!!

🌹God fearing🌹

Anyone among believers in God can lead a life of faith, but according to the Bible, the godly man Job did not live among the believers. Job was a godly man who lived in the land of Uz before the time of Moses (Job 1:1). The community which he lived in was so immoral & enticing that it could be hard for a believer to keep his life holy and upright in front of God. Job lived between the Sheba and the Chaldeans, who plundered the wealth of others and went to caves in the interior of the land, blended in with certain substances and scattered it in the atmosphere claiming to be some sort of mystical fire and exalted themselves as so-called gods before everyone and fooling people to worship man made gods and leading them to Idolatry and immorality. Amidst these sorcerers who plunder the people, Job lived a life of innocence, uprightness, godliness, and repentance. Life of a true believer will always be like a war. Amen!

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